Reits With "Well Managed" Debt

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My definition of reits with "well managed debt" is predicated on three factors: low total debt to equity, long average weighted debt to maturity and annual yield of more than 5%. PE was not taken into account, because majority of the reits include "changes in fair value" in their earnings computation. Depreciation/appreciation of properties are recorded as an expense in the income statement(usually during 4Q). They are subtracted/added to the rental earnings. The reported annual earnings are therefore not organic, as these fair value changes that are included, usually distorts the actual price to earnings derived from their rental profits.

I tabulated a list of STI reits(as shown above), starting from the lowest total debt to equity onward in ascending order. Filter out those with annual yield of less than 5% and average weighted debt to maturity of less than 3 years. SPH Reit, Starhill Global and Ascendas Reit met the criteria.

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