Minimum Return Benchmark For The Next Six Months

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Lets say you are risk averse, but you do not wish to put your idle cash in a bank for the measly 0.05% interest. The minimum return benchmark you should get for the next six months can be computed for your comparison. Any investment amount can be used, but for simplicity sake, lets use $250k. 50k in 3.05% OCBC 360 and 200k in 1.5% UOB fix Deposit to me is the "minimum return benchmark" you should achieve for the next six months. That would give an average yield of 1.81% p.a for a principal of 250k.

250k x 1.81% x 0.5= $2262.50

This is to me, is a safe and convenient investment you can make(if banks don't default). It would give you a risk free return of $2262.50 for the next six months which is equivalent to around $377 interest a month. If you think you are unable to confidently get at least 1.81% p.a for a 250k investment in the next six months(reasons being: stocks are still overpriced? Interest rates hike next year?), no harm adopting this risk free strategy for now. To each his own.

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