Holiday Must Haves

The new Amex True Cashback Card is a must have for the holiday season if you are planning to spend. It helps you defray some of the cost that you will be incurring. It gives you a 5% cashback with no minimum spending for the first three months, with a cap at $5000(a potential $250 cash back). After that it gives a flat 1.5% cash back. Just in time for the holiday bookings and Christmas presents! My only qualm is amex itself, not many places accept it.

DBS too just announced a new feature on their website. Basically, its a lucky draw system using your handphone. If you spend $200 in a single receipt with a DBS/POSB card, just SMS: XMAS DBS/POSB card no. followed by your spent amount. to 76060. You will most likely win a cash rebate and if you are lucky, some vouchers or even an iPhone 6. A $5 rebate is equivalent to a 2.5% discount. Each cardmember is entitled to one gift a day. The possbilities are endless, but solely dependent on your luck. If you have fulfilled your $500 OCBC Frank card spending, you can consider using Amex True Cashback Card or DBS credit cards as a complimentary.

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