Dont take life too seriously

Elbert Hubbard has a famous quote: "Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive"

We are just trivial specks of dust in this vast universe. Why do we get upset over things, when ultimately, we are all heading towards the same end? What end do we have in common? We die. No matter how much money or pride we save for ourselves, we are still going to die. So we should stop being uptight and start living positively.

We have too many modern day problems. Paying bills, affording a house, scoring for an exam and finding a good job are just a few examples. I think stressing over these problems are futile. Our brains are playing tricks on us. It is an evolutionary response that our brain emit to our nervous system when our life is "threatened". Stress is a body's way to react to a challenge, but it is just an internal chemical reaction that impedes happiness. Happiness is correlated to our well being. So choose to be happy.

We should tackle all these problems with a positive attitude. Stressing over our problems will only further complicate the matter. It is not necessary, and I think we can reason our mind out from this.

If we are consciously happy, we would want to live longer. Wanting to live longer means eating healthy, drinking more water and getting more rest. We will also consciously surround ourselves with funny and positive people, spend more time doing what we love and helping other people. 

So next time when we are stressing over something, realize that it is an epiphenomenon that is preventing us from being healthy and happy.

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