American Express Everyday Spend 10% Rebate Promotion

Another awesome promotion for American Express card holders. This promotion is open to Amex cards issued by American Express International, DBS and UOB only. Just need to log on to the link by clicking here

Input your credit card no. and particulars to qualify. Offer ends 31st August 2016. Do note that this is strictly for groceries spending. Every $50 you spend on the card you will get $5 rebate. Max rebate per card is $30. Which means you can spend $300 to get a $30 rebate.

Do also note that you can register multiple Amex card for this promotion. If you register two Amex cards that is equivalent to $600 spending with a $60 rebate(10%).

I have registered two cards and will most likely buy $600 worth of ntuc vouchers to get $60 cash back. Not sure whether this promotion can be stacked with the existing card promotion(True cash back card). Guess I will have to try to find out.

Do note that max rebate per card member is $180, which means the cap for each person is 6 amex cards($30 rebate each).


  1. Spend $50 get $5 not $30.

    1. Sorry thanks for the correction. Have updated it.

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  2. Hi Hayden is this limited to the first eg 10000 customers?

    1. Yes you can register now 10,000 is alot of slots compared to lasr years promotion.


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  3. i called to check, vouchers are not eligible for the this promo

    1. You have to buy from NTUC. All the previous Amex promotion accepts it. And when you buy you will receive an email confirmation.

    2. My rebates all came in. Buying vouchers work as usual.

  4. Hi
    Just wondering, do you need to pay annual fees for your American Express Credit Card? I heard that it is not possible to waive off the annual fees. Do you apply through DBS/UOB or directly with American Express?