Excessive Spending

We in this modern age are constantly being exposed to "things we need to have". A need to change our phone, a need to upgrade our car, a need to live a lavish lifestyle, a need for a status etc.  These "needs" are perpetuated on all forms of media(TV, movies, internet, magazine), in very creative and subtle ways.

These of course are not "needs", but wants. 'We have to buy this because it is trendy and new', a very common train of thought for an excessive consumer. I see this as something bad, as chronic excessive spenders usually go into debt, feel overly stressful and fall sick. All these drains more money. You may appear rich on the outside, but on actuality, you are in debt with no more money left. What is the point of that?

Buy things you need, use them till its unusable. Be frugal and less showy, your money will start to grow and your networth will increase. Let investing and compounding be your favourite things to do. Let your money work for you. Pursue life without a need to impress, so that you can be happy with being yourself. This will release you from the chains of consumerism and into living a freer and happier life.

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