Frugality: Buying Vouchers Using Carousell And Ebay

For those who do not know, there is a thriving C2C(Client to client) vouchers marketplace over at Ebay and Carousell. I mainly hunt for grocery vouchers which help me defray some of my monthly expenses. Examples of popular vouchers you can find there are: NTUC, Watson, Isetan, CapitaMall etc. The dollar to voucher discount ranges from 4%-20% and sometimes even more. Carousell is a Singapore based app you can download via your iPhone. I personally find it to be more user friendly than Ebay as most of the users there are locals. You will also find more listings there.

Voucher hunting is an avenue you can look into if you wish to reduce your monthly expenses. I mainly target NTUC vouchers and try to get them at close to 5-10% discount to value. You can also consider CapitaMall or Capitaland vouchers which can be used for NTUC situated within Capitaland buildings. The reason I prefer NTUC vouchers is because you can practically buy anything from their hypermarts.

Citibank SMRT card gives you a 7% disc to NTUC groceries, but with a min spending of $600 per month. Using your Frank card with your Citibank SMRT card forces you to spend a min of $1,100 a month. A more ideal scenario will be to buy discounted NTUC vouchers online, as this will reduce your credit cards and total min spending, which will equate to more savings per month.


  1. carousell sells voucher ?
    how do i search for it ?
    thus far, i have been using it to sell my books and other items.

    1. Hi desmond, carousell is a platform for people to buy and sell. Just go to the magnifying glass search option and type in vouchers :)

  2. I do use Carousell too, it's a good platform to sell pre-loved items.