How To Make Full Use of DBS Rewards Points

DBS credit cards are usually not as attractive as its competitors, but if you select the correct cards and exchange for the correct rewards, you might get more bang for the buck.
Default DBS credit card earns you 1 DBS Point for every S$5 retail purchase.
DBS AMEX Black credit card earns you 2 DBS Point for every S$5 retail purchase.
DBS AMEX Altitude credit card earns you 3 DBS Point for every S$5 retail purchase.
DBS AMEX Treasures Black Elite credit card earns you 3 DBS Points for every S$5 retail purchase charged and 6 DBS Points for every S$5 overseas retail purchase.

Most of you use DBS credit cards to try to hit the $7500(inclusive of salary) for the 1.08% interest(Multiplier). Some of you use it for convenience sake, because it has the highest base deposit in Singapore(also largest market cap among the three local banks).

To start, choose DBS AMEX Altitude(here) for the best point to dollar value(available for everyone). Here is the list of the best points to reward redemption in DBS reward page(in descending order). My two criteria are: best point to dollar ratio and most useful:
A wide array of redemption outlets. Can be used in NTUCs situated within the outlets. If you convert point to dollar, you get around 0.83% cash rebate. Usage of multiple vouchers is allowed.

Takashimaya is currently having a christmas promotion, matching the value of Isetan voucher scheme for this particular reward. Both work out to be 1% rebate for every dollar spent on your Altitude credit card.
The best point to dollar rebate goes to Ikea. Usage of multiple vouchers is allowed. The rebate works out to be 1.24% for every dollar spent on your Altitude credit card.

So from this comparison, it shows that you can still get a decent 0.83-1.24% rebate for every dollar for your DBS card. The only difference is that you get specific vouchers instead of a cash rebate.

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