The Usefulness of Good Till Date(GTD) and Good Till Maximum(GTM)

SGX and MAS have recently approved the use of GTM and GTD orders for retail clients since 15th of April. Many friends of mine have been asking me about the usefulness of this two functions. I will give my 2 cents here.

Usually for retailers, their validity is by day, which means you queue an order within the market day and it expires. Which means you will have to re queue again when market ends if you want the order queue to be in again the next day.

What GTD and GTM does is basically to carry forward unexecuted orders for a maximum of 30 calender days. GTD lets you specify a day within the 30 days and GTM carries forward until the full 30 days.

Do also note that for GTM/GTD orders, you cannot amend or cancel after market ends. You can only amend or cancel the order the next day at 8.30am onwards.

So whats so impressive you might ask? Well GTM/GTD orders are long dated which means there are never off the market.

If you wish to sell a particular stock at a price target that is hard to be done mainly due the the exorbitant sell queue infront of you, you can use GTM/GTD. As every day after market ends, your queue will not expire and it will be pushed infront of queues that have expired. This usually means that, after a few days, you will find your queue in front of the rest.

A very useful tool to have in my opinion. So do make sure you have a platform that supports these two functions.

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