Ways To Reduce Energy Consumption

Here is a full list of tips that can help you reduce that pesky recurring utility bill that haunts you every month:

1) Replace your incandescent lamps with fluorescent. The latter emits much lesser heat for the same brightness and hence will drastically cut your electric consumption.

2) Always go for an inverter air conditioner as it tunes and adapt to the room temperature and works more efficiently when the room reaches the temp target.

3) Once the air conditioner has cooled the room, switch to fan mode. Fan mode consumed 30x lesser energy than air conditioning.

4) Clean your air conditioner air filters every month, the dirtier they are, the harder they will work which equates to more electricity comsumption.

5) Always close the door when you turn the air conditioner on. The smaller the cooling parameter, the less strenuos it should work. Which indirectly equates to lesser energy consumption.

6) Always opt for an instant water heater as compared to a storage water heater. It is more energy efficient, as it doesn't heat up a large volume of stored water.

7) Always try to wash with full load to reduce the number of washing cycles.

8) If there is an option for cold water rinsing and room temperature water washing, use it. It will save you significant amount of energy compared to hot water.

9) Do not use the dryer function. Try to air dry your clothes. This will save considerable amount of electricity.

10) Switch off your refrigerator when you are cleaning it. An open fridge lets cool air escape. Which means it has to work doubly hard to operate.

11) Switch your computer to sleep mode when not in use for the moment. Switch off your computer completely if not in use for a long period.

This is clearly a non exhaustive list. With simple knowledge of how energy is consumed, you can add in more tips for yourself. My goal is to reduce my utility bill to below $150 every month. Set your own goals and work towards it.

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  1. Random addon: If you watch TV very often for long hours, switch to a LED TV. :)