Frank Card Benefits Revised

From October 1st 2015 onwards the Frank Card benefits will be revised. To view the full terms and conditions click here

The most jarring addition is the new requirement of $400 offline spending. Which means to be eligible for the 6% online rebate, you need have min $400 offline spending now to be entitled to it.

They added additional rebates like 5% Friday to Sunday for cafe, cinema, bar and entertainment, 3% rebate for the same thing but on Monday to Thursday. Which is pretty subjective and doesn't cover alot of spending situations.

Another jarring modification is the 6% rebate for the first two flashpay atu for mrt/train that we use to enjoy, will now be modified to 3%. Spending outside of these stipulations will be given only a 0.3% rebate. Do note the $400 min spending requirements excludes ATU and online spending. Which means to get the best out of the card now, you would need to spend $400 on cinema, bars and cafes first(which is hard and not cost efficient) before you can be entitled to the 6% online rebate.

Looks like the new revised benefits are pretty bad. Not forgetting the online exclusions for some items bought online are still not fixed. Time to terminate this card after September and look for other better alternatives.


  1. okay, cancelling at the end of the month. Can I direct you to look at Stanchart Singpost Card which gives 7% for online transactions (min spend 600)?

  2. it seems you are slightly mistaken, according to the new terms, the $500 min spend has been removed. You only need min $400 offline spend in order to qualify for bonus rebates beyond the 0.3% tier.

    1. Hi Anonymous, you are right, i have corrected it. Thanks!

    2. It is still bad thoughh. How to spend $400 for cafe, bars and cinemas?

    3. To clarify further, any visa purchase can count towards the $400 min spend, as long as it is offline (not online or NETS-ATU). The $400 doesn't have to come only from cafe, cinema, bar and entertainment category.

    4. Yes but why spend that $400 to get only 0.3% rebate. There are other much better cards out there like UOB One that gives 3.33% rebate for any spending.