Apple Pay Attractive Rebates

Apple Pay is upon us and there are pretty juicy rebates from the banks to attract us.
First is UOB which gives a rebate of $10 for transaction of $10 and above. The promotion starts and ends today if you are reading this today, try to link a UOB card to Apple Pay and make a $10 purchase before 12am today. Spending exactly $10 gives a $10 rebate back to your card(100% cashback). Full tnc here

Linking up the cards to your iPhone is easy, just remember to also key in your billing address as my first attempt to pay was rejected, I suspect due to the billing address issue.
Second is DBS. Promotion is valid from 25th May(today) to 24th August 2016. They are giving a 20% rebate for a max cap spending of $50. Which means if you spend $50 you will get a rebate of $10. Full tnc here. The rebate is not as great as UOB but it allows me to spend $50 max.
The next one is Standard Chartered. The promotion is value from 25th May(today) to 25th June 2016. There are generous to give 20% rebate for max $250 spending. Full tnc here. Which means spending $250 gives you a $50 rebate. Do note that for Apple Pay, you can only make a max $100 per transaction. What I did was to make three separate payments. Two $100 transactions and one $50 transactions.

OCBC rebate is only 3% so I didn't pay using their cards. Those who are interested can view their tnc here

I basically just use the cards I have at hand. UOB I use UOB One card Visa, DBS, I use DBS live fresh Visa and SCB I use Singpost Standchart Visa. For me personally, I bought $310 worth of NTUC vouchers because NTUC accepts Apple Pay.

$10 spend using UOB One to get 100% rebate
$50 spend using DBS live to get 20% rebate
$250 spend(3 transaction) using SCB Singpost to get 20% rebate

Happy Apple Paying.

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