Samsung Pay Attractive Rebates

Just as we thought only Apple users get rebates, now Samsung Pay has come out with their own rebate promotion:

DBS/POSB Credit Cards: 

Just tap 3x with Samsung Pay to get a $10 cash back from now till 15th September 2016. Do note the accumulated minimum is $40 and its only for the first 20,000 POSB/DBS cardmembers. You can view the full tnc here. This is a good promo as you are effectively getting 25% rebate for your spending.

OCBC Credit Cards:

5% cash rebate for using OCBC credit cards. Promotion starts 16th June 2016 to 31st Aug 2016 or until the $200,000 rebate amount is fully redeemed. The total rebate per customer will be capped at $15. Not a very attractive rebate in my view. You can view the full tnc here.

SCB Credit Cards: 

Promotion starts 16th June 2016 to 16th July 2016. Get 20% cash rebate(cap at $50) when you pay using Samsung Pay with SCB credit cards. Only eligible for the first 5,000 transactions. This means you will need to quickly make a $250 payment using Samsung Pay. As max amount per transaction is $100, you can go to NTUC and make a $100, $100, $50 payment for NTUC vouchers to get $50 cash back. A very good deal in my view. Full tnc here.

Citibank Cards: 

Promotion starts 16th June 2016 to 31st Dec 2016. You will get accelerated earn via Citi dollar, Citi mile. Cash back, Citi rebate, SMRT dollars. Full tnc here. I don't really use Citibank cards as I find them very limited in their cap spending. I always tend to find better card replacements for them. My view.

Samsung Pay: 

Promotion valid from 16th June to 29th June while stock list.Get a free Samsung wireless charging stand worth $98. Limited to first 500 users per week. Full tnc here.

I don't own a Samsung phone, but judging from the promotion in descending order of attractiveness, I would put SCB first then DBS/POSB then OCBC. Do note that the rebates are also stack-able with existing credit card rebates. Happy tapping!

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