Best Credit Card for your Train Ride

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For me it is a toss up between POSB Everyday EZ-Reload credit card and Frank Nets Flash Pay credit card.

It is strange how ANZ is still showing the 5% EZ-Reload auto top up rebate on their website when it has already been discontinued since 31st Aug 2014.

(Ez Reload website too still showing ANZ as one of their selected cards, Argh..)

POSB Everyday Credit Card:
Basically, their website shows a no minimum spending, hassle free 2% cash rebate(not applicable for concession pass holders). This, in my view, is better than Citi SMRT Card in terms of min spending, as Citi SMRT gives the same 2% rebate, but for a minimum spending of $600. 

Just a point to note, POSB recently did a 10% rebate promotion for min $100 spend for this month only(capped at $10). 

Frank Nets Flash Pay ATU: 

I have talked about this card before. Basically it gives 6% rebate to your flashpay atu and online purchases if you charge $500 with this card(the flashpay auto top up is included in the $500). So if you combine the amount rebated with your OCBC 360, that's $30 for the 6% rebate(if you spend $500 purely via flashpay atu and online) and the $43.75 for the 1.05% cash interest for $400 min spending per month(assuming max cap in OCBC 360). Which makes up a total of $73.75 "rebate" a month(best case scenario).

In my view, if your monthly expenses does not hit $500 a month, I would personally go for POSB everyday ez reload for the no min spending 2% rebate for your train ride. If you have an easy time with getting the 3.05% OCBC360 interest and can comfortably hit $500 a month in expenses, go for Frank Nets Flash Pay for better value.

Do note that Travel Smart Rewards can be used on top of the rebates as it accepts both EZ Link and Nets FlashPay cards.

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