Best Credit Cards for 2014

My criteria for the best credit card is based on the amount of monetary incentives and rebates. The minimum spending is also taken into consideration. Cards that give reward points and air miles will be converted to cash credits and be judged accordingly.

3) ANZ Travel Visa Signature Card

ANZ travel visa signature card is my third choice. Currently, the best air mile to dollar conversion(Every $1 gives you 1.4 air mile). Converting these air miles to cash gives you a decent 2.55% cash rebate on everything with no minimum spending. What I don't like about this card is its $60,000 annual income requirement, which means not everyone can apply.

2) UOB One Card

UOB One card comes in a close second. It gives a 3.33% rebate for all purchases if you spend a min of $300 per month for three months straight. A bit tricky, as you have to take note of the statement date and make sure you spend $300 within three consecutive statements. When you get use to it, you will realize that this card gives you the highest universal rebate locally. Paying your sp service and telco bills brings you very close to $300 spending every month. Hence the min spending is easy to fulfill. 

1) Frank OCBC Credit Card

This is by far the best and most used card for this year. It synergies with your OCBC 360 for the $43.75 extra cash every month. It gives you a 6% cash rebate for all online purchases(buying iPhone online, paying telco bills etc) if you spend $500 a month. Payment made by Nets Flashpay is counted in the 6%. NTUC, MRT, Subway, McDonald, Watson, Mos Burger are just a few examples where you can use your flashpay on. Basically anywhere that accepts flash pay entitles you to the rebate. The amount of value you can get out from this card is huge. That is why I put this as my number one credit card for 2014.


  1. Note that ANZ is currently the only CC that allows you to get rebate from paying tax (at 1 mile/$).

    1. New update: Starting Dec 1st, the 6% rebate will count only for maximum of two ATU and not unlimited ATU.