Our Perception of Money

A wise man should have money in his head, but not in his heart. ~ Jonathan Swift

Capitalism breeds competitiveness and greed in an economic system, which in turn breeds the same traits in an individual that functions within the system. Laissez-faire economic polices have promoted freedom for individuality and self interest. These factors have shaped our view of money.

I think the lure of money is a precondition in our society and is a natural process. Money is a major factor that affects the house we live, the car we drive, the food we eat and the lifestyle we adopt. It is always not too close within our grasp or too far away from our reach(or it will not be valuable). It is always somewhere there in the "goldilock zone" for us to want to work for and think of. 

While it is natural to think of wanting more money, it is hazardous to have it control you. An unadulterated love for money devalues the individual, as everything becomes about what the individual can do, instead of who the individual is. It monetises human emotion and cheapens it.

Jonathan Swift famously said, "we should always have money in our heads, but not in our hearts." A good quote to remeber.

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