3 Financial Codes To Abide By

We all have our own financial codes to live by. Mine is more simple and pragmatic. I believe as long as we try to stick to it diligently, less/no financial turmoil will come our way. Here are three financial codes that I live by:

1) Do not over leverage your money. Spend less than you earn and save the rest. Attaining financial freedom is a long term process. Abusing your credit card to fulfill short term wants is a recipe for disaster. You can look and plan further than that.

2) Know what you want and do not be influence by your peers. After I knew I was going to be a father, I opted for a term insurance plan because my aim is to protect my child and wife incase anything bad were to happen to me within this 25 years. Thats all I need, and thats all I will get. I believe investment and insurance should be separated.

3) Do not be affected by how other people see you. You are competing with yourself and no one else. Never fall into the trap of "trying to live up to the expectations of others", because you will be living and earning for the sake of others. Instead, do what you like in a cost efficient way and enjoy your life.


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