3 Ways to Reduce Your Monthly Expenses

There are a million and one ways to spend money in Singapore, but it is much harder to find ways to reduce expenses. More so for monthly incurred expenses that eats up your earnings constantly. You might assume that your monthly expenses are for your basic necessities and are fixed, but that may be not true. Here are three ways to reduce your monthly expenses: 

1) Streamline your monthly bills. Do you really need that gym membership? Can you do away with it or is there a cheaper alternative? Do you really need 1000 Mbps of fibre speed? Do you really need 800 mins of voice/video calls, 5000 free sms/mms when 4G plans all share the same download speed? The monthly cost of the best plans are usually 2-3x that of an average plan. It really depends on you, try to think it through and do not get yourself into a plan that doesnt suit your pocket. 

2) Reduce food expenses. It is a no brainer when you see aggressive discounts for your groceries in NTUC on one hand and the high service charges and cost from dine ins on the other. Both are telling you to prepare your own meals at home. Consider taking your lunch to work and have your dinner at home. At least try your best to. This can drastically reduce your monthly food expenses.

3) Reduce your utility bill. It makes up a big bulk of your monthly expenses so all the more reason to manage it well. Switch off the lights, air condition and heater when they are not in used. It is also worth while to invest in energy efficient light bulbs as they will bring your total electrical consumption down quite significantly.

Hope all these tips can be of help to you.


  1. Hi Hayden

    For years ive hesitated whether to close my mio tv account.

    I can save a lot by doing that but that means giving up on football an entertainment which I loved as part of growing up.

    Tough decision.

  2. Hi B,
    I know how you feel. Saving money over entertainment is something hard to do. We all have our struggles, but end of the day its all about what makes us happy :)