Bought iPhone 6+ Today

From Singtel Website
My wife has been using her old iPhone 4 for three years now. It finally broke down today, so we made a trip down to our local telco to purchase a new one. Just in time for the new iPhone 6+?

The price comparison from the three telcos are pretty much similar, but we chose Singtel mainly for its 10% monthly bill discount due to the bundling with our fiber optics. I remembered reading an article on an independent 4G speed test for the three telcos sometime back and Singtel came out on top(article here).

Basing primarily on Sintel price plan alone, we can compare the combo plans and calculate the total price payable for a two year contract(monthly subscription cost x 24 + phone price). Combo 2 seems the most suitable out of the six.

I personally think free smses and local call mins are unimportant now, as Whatsapp and Viber can take their places. My wife mainly just surfs websites on her phone, so a 2GB mobile data is more than enough. Here is a picture of her phone:

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