UOB One Card New Rebate Tiers

UOB One credit card, my everyday spending card, finally matched their spending tiers with their UOB One account. From Oct 1st on-wards(depending on your qualifying quarter), You only need to spend $500 min for three consecutive month to get the 3.33% quarterly rebate and the 2.43% p.a monthly interest for the $50,000 in your UOB One account together(previously it was $800). Below is a table showing the effective month for the new tier rebate. Full info here.

Point to note, they removed the 2% rebate for overseas spending and replaced it with a new tiered rebate at 5% if you spend $2000 for three consecutive months in a row. Below is a table that shows their new tiered rebate. Basically its $500/$1000/$2000 now compared to the old $300/$800/$1500. 

Those who are using both UOB one account and its credit card knows that they have to spend $800 every month previously to get full benefits of both the account and the card, which means the old $300 tier was pretty inefficient. So now in my view the new modification makes it an all in one card. It is definitely better than the Manhattan card now(since they also incorporated the 5% rebate for large spending).

I am definitely going for the $500 spending now($300 lesser than previously), as it gives me $101.25 monthly interest for my UOB one acct and a $16.70 monthly rebate from my credit card. That is like spending $500 a month and getting $117.92 back(23.58% rebate). The $2k spending for 5% rebate tier will be slightly trickier. I think it will be achievable if you do multiple supplementary cards combination.(I will skip that for now).

To hit the $500 spending monthly, I will continue to use my UOB One card to pay for Pruterm Vantage premium and my SP service bills via PWC building, the rest will be everyday spending.

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