Dow -185.46

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I have always agreed to the saying that, the stock market is what the masses make out to be. Despite the euphoric enthusiasm in the wake of the Fed's decision not to taper down on its bond buying program, mass market sentiments was directed to political confrontation over Obamacare and the federal budget as the logical reasons to reverse course.

 Of course one can assume that the temporary foregoing of this tapering could mean the US economy is still in doldrums. Hence for me personally, I dont put too much faith in "news". They can change as an when they want to. 

In this new age of volatility, I also tell my friends to exit on the basis of profit and not price potential. If the profit is enough for you, take it. If its not quite enough but the stock price has appreciated too fast, take half of it. Thats my philosophy in trading, as Mr Market has no emotions.

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